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 Tenant Representation 

Location Impacts More Than Your Company’s Image

Your location impacts more than your company’s image.  For most companies, real estate is the second largest line item in an operating budget, and where you are located can have a huge impact on efficiency, productivity, corporate image, and employee morale. As an occupant of leased space, changes in commercial real estate ranging from tax implications and environmental issues to corporate mergers and acquisitions continue to influence space requirements and costs. These changes, combined with an unpredictable economy, contribute to the many complexities and opportunities that exist for tenants in making crucial decisions for their businesses.

A good tenant representation broker will save a company 4-5 times the cost of their fee (typically paid by the landlord). Skilled negotiation tactics, detailed research, and knowledge of your market and its owners allow us to help you by brokering your lease while you focus on your day-to-day business.
NAI Global provides valuable information covering a wide range of tenant services, including:

  • Tactical and Strategic Planning
  • Demographic and Location Consulting
  • Renewals, Expansions & Relocations
  • Survey and Building Selection
  • Disposition of Excess Space/Subleasing
  • Space and Financial Analysis
  • Research and Market Analysis
  • Rental Rate & Tenant Improvement Negotiations
Our tenant representation brokers and staff specialize in their field and can offer a unique perspective and expertise for each property type: Office, Industrial, Retail, Logistics, and Medical.
For all of our tenants who are looking for new space or reviewing their current situation, we walk you through the following basic steps:

  • Criteria Review
  • Property Tours/Site Selection
  • Space Planning
  • Finalize Term Sheets
  • Financial Modeling
  • Lease Negotiation
  • Permit Process
  • Tenant Improvements
  • Landlord Notice & Transition
  • Move-In


Call on NAI Martens when you need sales, leasing, property management, build-to-suit, construction management, facilities management, asset management, receivership, consolidation, or investment services. Use our services with confidence.


We have represented retailers ranging from single shops to global chains, helping them both expand and downsize as the market changed.

Our retail team will advise you regarding your need for short-term or long-term strategic planning, as well as local, regional, national or global market research, site selection, lease negotiation, and expansions. NAI Martens is proficient in acquisition and disposition of commercial properties as well as representing both Landlords and Tenants.

NAI Martens professionals constantly expand their knowledge of the industry, remain apprised of trends and technological innovation and secure cooperating real estate relationships.

Financial Reporting

Our reporting is straightforward and easy to understand, providing all the necessary information needed to review performance of the property. The mainstay of our process is flexibility and the desire to give our clients the highest quality products.

Market Analytics

NAI Martens utilizes Market Analytical tools to provide clients the foundation toward optimal planning for: Office, Industrial, Retail, Land, Investment, Hotel, Medical, Educational, Multifamily, Corporate, Local, State and Federal Government Facilities


From reviewing your current lease to creating feasibility analyses regarding your portfolio performance to the valuation and due diligence of a potential disposition, we encourage our clients to look before they leap and to take advantage of our consultancy services in tandem with brokerage or property management.

Agency Leasing

Our leasing philosophy is to address every assignment as though we were the owner and to view those assignments from a focused, strategic angle. From developing the leasing strategy and discerning the strengths of your asset to determining the best marketing strategy and attracting the most suitable tenants, we bring a proactive leasing approach to your asset so you can focus on continuous financial growth.

Tenant/Buyer Rep

We scale our services to fit your needs but never change our commitment to you. We navigate the details of relocation, competitive properties, market data, rental rate negotiation and TI options. As the largest global network of local market leaders, we are equipped to cater to you locally and to handle broader issues such as legal and local codes compliance as you expand regionally or globally.

Management Services

To maximize an asset’s value for the property’s owner, our leasing brokers property work in tandem with our management professionals to focus on tenant retention programs. Outstanding customer service and total tenant satisfaction are our priority. That, combined with the fiduciary responsibility to the owner, guides decision-making in the delivery of each service.

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NAI Martens serves the commercial real estate needs for south-central Kansas. Locally-owned and operated, NAI Martens provides full service Brokerage, Property Management, Facility and Construction Management Services. NAI Martens has steadily grown by meeting client needs and partnering with tenants and others to promote mutual growth and prosperity in all aspects of commercial property ownership.